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Lukasz Erecinski

Opening an EU-based PINE64 online store has been a dream of mine for years. There are multiple reasons for setting up a dedicated reseller servicing the single market – shipping from Hong Kong and mainland China to certain EU countries is difficult, costly and sometimes also very time-consuming. From the customer’s perspective, there are also other benefits to purchasing goods within the EU, such as the mandatory 2 year warranty or 14 day return policy.

But that’s not all – the convenience of shipping goods within the EU cannot be overstated. We ship orders within 48 hours (Mon-Fri), which means that you get your hardware delivered fast, securely and hassle-free. Our support, repair and RMA services are also located within the EU should you need them.

PINE64 EU is starting small, focusing on the most popular devices, but in time we hope to deliver a wider gamut of PINE64 hardware to customers in the EU. The goal is to provide a retail service to the PINE64 community and a compelling value proposition. Equally importantly, buying from us you can be certain that you’re receiving a genuine PINE64 device (I wrote about counterfeit Pinecils some time ago in a community blog).   

While this store is completely autonomous and independent of the Pine Store and PINE64, I simultaneously see it as a natural extension of my activity within the framework of the community. I have been a part of the PINE64 project since its inception and have taken on the role of Community Manager in 2017. I held this role for 5 years, until the day PINE64 EU opened for business. I therefore choose to operate this store with community principles in mind – PINE64 EU donates to Manjaro, Mobian and postmarketOS based on PinePhone and PinePhone Pro sales. We also plan to support other projects down the road.

I hope and trust PINE64 EU will prove to be a boon to community members in the EU.

Lukasz Erecinski  – PINE64 EU

If you need to speak to me directly, you can reach me via email (l.erecinski@pine64eu.com), in PINE64 community chats (preferably on Telegram) or on my private Twitter. But, please, do keep in mind to use the appropriate channels for support or business queries.   


I don’t live in the EU but want one of your devices, can I place an order? 

PINE64 EU ships devices within the European single market. If you live outside the EU you can place you order with the Pine Store. In the event Pine Store Ltd. cannot ship to your location please email us at sales@pine64eu.com to learn if we can make arrangements to ship to your geographic location.

Why are PINE64 EU prices higher than Pine Store Ltd.?    

Prices listed on PINE64 EU include both VAT and shipping cost. In short, you pay the listed price and receive your delivery within 7 days without additional charges. There is no need to deal with customs, pay additional shipping, wait weeks for your order to ship. You will also not you have to deal with other hassle common when ordering from outside the EU – all hardware sold by PINE64 EU has been through a rigorous approval process to enter the EU.

Whenever possible we follow Pine Store’s suggested retail pricing. This allows us to offer fast dispatch of the hardware, local support and RMA services as well as a 14 day return policy and a 2 year warranty. It also lets us offer additional services, such as giving you the choice of preinstalled operating systems on the PinePhone and PinePhone Pro. Frankly speaking, it also lets us keep the light on.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

We dispatch orders within 48hrs Monday to Friday. If you place an order on a Friday or over the weekend then your order will ship on Tuesday the following week. In general, we lock orders in at 8PM CET – orders placed after this time, ship with orders from the following day. From the moment your order ships, you can expect it to be delivered within 7 days, usually less. A tracking number will be issued once the order is dispatched.

N.B. delivery times also depend on your local post and courier services.

I cannot find the item I am looking for on PINE64 EU but it is available on the Pine Store?

We hope to eventually stock more PINE64 hardware. For the time being PINE64 EU holds stock of the most popular PINE64 gear and caters primarily to those willing to purchase devices rather than single board computers. This may change in the future. 

We are also reliant on PINE64 to deliver the devices to us, so if a device is out of stock in the Pine Store, then it will more than likely also be out of stock on PINE64 EU.

Is there a PINE64 EU chat or forum I can join?

We are a part of the global PINE64 community and therefore do not and will not host our own chats or forums. You are, however, welcome to join our Telegram news channel and follow us on Twitter for news specific to PINE64 EU. Links can be found in the footer of the website.

Does buying a PinePhone or PinePhone Pro with a particular operating system help financially support said open source project?

Yes, a quarterly donation is made to Mobian, postmarketOS and Manjaro based on hardware sales on PINE64 EU.

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NIP: 8943184443

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PIN64 EU logo is a registered to and trademarked by Lukasz Erecinski. It is a derivative of the PINE64 logo (and logotype) trademarked by Pine Store Ltd. PINE64 EU logo and logotype are used with the permission of Pine Store Ltd. The PINE64 EU may not be used without permission of Lukasz Erecinski.

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PINE64 EU Lukasz Erecinski

NIP: 8943184443

REGON: 521703439

ul. Cynowa 6/1

53-437 Wrocław, Poland

All prices include VAT

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